What is Original Gamer Life?

Original Gamer Life or OGL is a gameplay-first community focused on game customization and player empowerment with a rewarding creator economy that puts quality game and immersive experience first for all Original Gamers. Original Gamer Life is all about creative freedom, solid gameplay, and honest-to-God fun. We are currently working on getting the OGLife game released.

What is the Original Gamer Life game? How does it work?

The Original Gamer Life game “Beyond the Rim” is an immersive, third-person shooter/sim with a heavy focus on player customization, with various game modes running from your typical 3v3 shooter akin to Valorant or Fortnite, to hardcore survival mode similar to ARK, to single-player campaign-driven stories, and the whole thing is wrapped in a 90’s Sci-Fi vibe. Set in the early 23rd century, the game revolves around settlers and soldiers working throughout the known galaxy. 

As a team, we think that gameplay should always come first. We mostly focus on quality gameplay mechanics and content at OGL. However, the crypto aspect is, of course, important.

About your $OGL Tokenomics, give us detailed information and everything there is to know about it. What are some of the utilities of $OGL?

The $OGL token is the currency of the OGL Economy and Ecosystem. The in-game currency is called TITANS. There will be reward mechanisms and opportunities for our followers and opportunities for value creation within the OGLife ecosystem. 

There will be a total supply of 10 billion $OGL tokens to be distributed in various vesting periods. There will be farming and staking opportunities for $OGL. Players can use TITANS to buy in-game assets and transactions. The game is designed to incentivize the $OGL token holders. We are currently developing the functionality and use cases of $OGL.

What are your most important priorities according to your project roadmap?

In 2024, the two most important upcoming priorities that we intend to deliver will be launching the $OGL token and releasing an Alpha build showing off what we’ve been working on. 

Early Access to the game is not quite available yet, but stay tuned to our socials for an upcoming Original Gamer Life gameplay demo. You definitely don't want to miss it! 

We are currently working on a lot of exciting updates behind the scenes. Follow our socials here:

What makes the OGL game unique?

We wanted to redefine the gaming experience for our community. We are building the OGLife game on Unreal Engine 5, sporting the most recent metahuman technology, and we truly care about what we are producing here.

We put gameplay first, and we keep it fair and balanced throughout. We are striving to be not just a good web3 game, but a rock-solid game in our own right.

What is Unreal Engine 5? What is Metahuman Technology?

The OGL game is built up on Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine 5 is already the most innovative tool that can be used for game design that is made for developers. The MetaHuman technology within the Unreal Engine is a plugin that allows developers to design and create realistic human characters in digital format.

Is your gaming platform applicable on mobile phones or is it only playable on Desktop? Do you plan to make an application in Android or in Google Play?

Right now, we are building on Windows. We are focused on finishing the game and preparing to have our public beta testing. For now, the game is played on PC and laptop devices.

We will include a wide spectrum of graphical presets, and we intend to have the game playable on as old/weak of hardware as is plausible. That said, besides the companion app, we do not intend to release a "mobile" version of the game.

Which mechanism do you plan to employ to ensure the security of the smart contract, the game, and the platform?

We value security when building our game and $OGL token. We do not believe in selling data and we are working within secure parameters to ensure data privacy and security. To that point, our game will be backed by Epic Online Services, and players will be able to enjoy all of the security features that the platform offers. Rest assured we have no interest in gathering any of your personal information.

As a gamer who wants to practice playing the game without making any investment or buying the NFTs, do you have a free demo, beta test, or practice mode?

Here at OGL, we feel very strongly about the increasing microtransactions in gaming. Rest assured, if you don't want to spend a single dollar, you can still have an entirely playable and fun experience with OGL. It is play-to-earn, not pay-to-win, and you will never be obligated to spend more than you want.

Early Access to the game is not available yet, but stay tuned to our socials for more updates.